CIC Released Guidelines on Attaining Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality Goals and Practicing Sustainable Investing


As part of its ongoing efforts to address climate change and attain carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals, CIC has recently formulated and released its Guidelines on Attaining Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality Goals and Practicing Sustainable Investing (hereinafter referred to as the “Guidelines”). Heeding global market trends and based on CIC’s own realities and the experience of its international partners, the Guidelines has outlined CIC’s roadmap to carbon neutrality in its operations and CIC’s strategic plans for effectively advancing sustainable investing at the total portfolio level in the next 5 years and far beyond.

The Guidelines has specified CIC’s priorities in terms of:


l  Raise employee awareness, make strategic plans, and refine internal processes in a bid to realize carbon-neutral operations.

l  Incorporate “Addressing Climate Change” into the annual meeting agenda of its International Advisory Council (IAC) as a regular subject for discussion and solicit advice on pertinent strategic cooperation.


l  Focus on research conducive to sustainable investment in line with business goals.

l  Build capacity for calculating carbon footprint in prioritized key areas.

l  Build an effective knowledge base by fueling communication and forming knowledge sharing platforms.

Asset allocation and investment

l  Incorporate climate change factors into asset allocation from a strategic perspective.

l  Formulate differentiated sustainable investment assessment guidelines based on asset class.

l  Impose higher standards on existing and new deals with carbon footprints to improve asset quality and performance.

l  Look into and invest in new opportunities from climate change.

Risk Management

l  Integrate averting climate change risks into the comprehensive risk management.

l  Strengthen risk management in key areas.

International cooperation

l  Strengthen communication with international organizations and engage in global governance on green finance.

l  Seek to form green partnerships with global sovereign wealth funds and asset managers.

Since it was established as China’s sovereign wealth fund, CIC has consistently positioned itself as a responsible investor that strives to practice green development philosophies and facilitate sustainable development of the world. The recent release of the Guidelines is another testament to CIC’s determination to advance sustainable development and contribute to attaining carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals.