President Ju Weimin Attended and Spoke at the IFSWF Annual Meeting


Mr. Ju Weimin, Vice-Chairman, President, and CIO of CIC recently attended the IFSWF Annual Meeting and had in-depth discussions with senior executives of 24 sovereign wealth funds worldwide during the CEO Forum on topics of common concern, including “Private Markets and Partnerships”, “Operations and Management during Covid-19”, and “Sustainability, Climate and ESG Investing”. President Ju delivered a keynote speech at the session themed “Sustainability, Climate and ESG Investing”.

In his speech, President Ju said that COVID-19 pandemic motivated the international community to reflect upon the ties between human and nature. It is the common aspiration of mankind to strive for harmonious coexistence between human and nature, and green transformation has become a driver for economic recovery in the post-pandemic era. During the G20 Summit in Rome, which just closed on Oct 31, countries reaffirmed the commitment to the full and effective implementation of the UNFCCC and of the Paris Agreement, reflecting the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities, in light of different national circumstances.

President Ju stressed that as a major player in the international capital market, sovereign wealth funds have made constant attempts in this regard, with widely acclaimed achievements. Green transformation means both challenges and opportunities for sovereign wealth funds. The challenges include industrial revolutions, funding gap for green development, policy adjustments, and heightened long-term uncertainties. In terms of opportunities, major countries are proactively advancing green transformation in pursuit of synergy between economic prosperity and environmental health, which is consistent with China’s belief that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets; ESG-related investments have been increasing much faster than average; and clean energy, energy saving and emission reduction, carbon neutrality and ESG-related data services are showing potential for a new round of growth.

President Ju said that China is a vocal advocate for green recovery. CIC has proactively put to practice the principles of responsible investment and green development. We are committed to highlighting sustainability in financial investment, providing long-term capital for economic and social development in recipient countries, improving people’s livelihood and turning the world into a more livable place. He also called for sovereign wealth funds to make joint efforts to fully utilize the platform of IFSWF for international exchange, and map a pathway of green development that meets social needs and works for sovereign wealth funds.

President Ju’s remarks were well applauded and echoed by other participants, who then shared their insights on how sovereign wealth funds may engage in and support green development.

The IFSWF is a global organization of main sovereign wealth funds worldwide. As a founding member and board member of the IFSWF, CIC has diligently implemented the Santiago Principles for the governance of sovereign wealth funds and has contributed to the development of the forum and broader adoption of the Principles globally.