About CIC

As a responsible global institutional investor and a valuable partner, CIC has always exercised prudence and professionalism, establishing an international profile as a sovereign wealth fund that operates on international, market-oriented and professional basis.

The International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds (IFSWF) is an important global organization comprising key sovereign wealth funds. Since its inception, it has been instrumental in fostering exchange and cooperation between sovereign wealth funds, promoting policy dialogue with major recipient countries and regions, and facilitating the orderly flow of cross-border investments. As a founding member, CIC has been an active participant in its various endeavors. It has carefully enforced the Santiago Principles for the governance of global sovereign wealth funds.

For more information on the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds, other sovereign wealth funds and the Santiago Principles, please refer to the Forum's official website: www.ifswf.org

Since 2021, CIC has continued to adopt fresh new approaches to global outreach. Leveraging our roots in China and our strong capacity to forge connections in other parts of the world, we continue to contribute to global governance and an open, fair, and non-discriminatory international investment environment by sharing our international, market-oriented, and professional perspectives. We aim to facilitate the free, orderly international flow of capital, thereby adding impetus to the global economic recovery in the post-pandemic era.

Joining forces to develop a common blueprint. In 2021, CIC took part in events held by the International Chamber of Commerce, the Institute of International Finance, and various bilateral business councils, as well as the China-Italy, China-France, China-Germany and other bilateral economic and financial dialogues. The company’s management attended the Bo’ao Forum for Asia, the China Development Forum, the Bund Summit, the Future Investment Initiative Summit, the EU-China CEO and Former Senior Officials Dialogue, and other high-level financial and economic events. We also maintained close contact with our partners regarding sustainable investment policies and practices, via written communications and video conferences. In 2022, Ms. ZHAO Haiying, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of CIC, is serving as Pro Tempore Chairperson of the BRICS Women’s Business Alliance (WBA). This represents an important opportunity for engagement with BRICS partners to promote women’s development and our vision of inclusive, mutually beneficial social development

Driving development through responsible action. In 2021, the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds (IFSWF) elected a new Board of Directors its highest decision-making body. Mr. JU Weimin, Vice Chairman, President, and CIO of CIC, was elected as a director, making CIC the only IFSWF member to be represented on its board continuously since the Forum’s inception. As a member of the IFSWF Board, CIC continues to exert leadership and support the Forum’s development through strong engagement and high-quality events. Specifically, the company has:

• Played a leading role in the Forum’s strategic decision-making and in promoting its openness and inclusiveness, safeguarding the equal status of all members;

• Facilitated strategic studies, policy consultations, and communication among members through our participation in the IFSWF Advisory Committee;

• Hosted a range of webinars on themes including Carbon Neutrality: Research Framework and Investment Opportunities and Strategies, Risks, and Challenges in an Era of Great Change in order to share valuable experiences and research-based insights; and

• Worked closely with the Secretariat in implementing board decisions, formulating development plans for the Forum, reviewing membership applications, engaging in peer exchanges, sharing research findings, and conducting self-assessments.

Connecting and engaging via new media channels. New technologies have ushered in a new information age. CIC has actively seized the opportunities afforded by new communication tools. Leveraging new media platforms in our external communication, we offer a diverse range of content in different formats. In 2021, subscribers to our official social media account increased by 85.6% year on year, and article views and shares grew by 50.3% and 46.7% respectively. The company continued to further enhance transparency with timely and effective disclosure of its corporate governance, investment strategies and philosophies, and investment performance.

Going forward, CIC will remain committed to transparency and inclusiveness, and work closely with its partners to contribute its share to the sustainable, high-quality recovery of the global economy.